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Providing you the best range of solder metal 63/37 vaculoy, solder wire 99c 99.3 sn/0.7 cu alloy lead free cored solder wire, lead free solder wire sac-305 and solder wire with effective & timely delivery.

Solder Metal 63/37 VACULOY

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Material TypeStick, Bar, Wire
Material Compositionled free as well as with led
Material Melting Temperature227 Degree celcius
Packaging TypeBox

Minimum order quantity: 20 Kg


  • Alpha's Vaculoy 99.3Sn/0.7Cu bar solder is a practical, technically feasible solder alloy suitable for use where a lead-free wave solder process is desired. The melting point of this Sn/Cu eutectic is 227 degree C (440 degree F).
  • Features & Benefits:Lead-Free to remove lead and lead handling issues from your process.Suitable for use in both wave soldering and hand soldering applications.Drop-in alloy provides excellent solderability and solder joint cosmetics with no special processing conditions(other than the use of N2 for wave soldering of low solids no-clean fluxes)Of the proposed lead-free replacement, 99.3Sn/0.7Cu is the most cost-effective.Binary system minimizes chance of variability within the alloy and eliminates the possible formation of low melting point phrases, both common problems for many teritiary (and higher) alloys.No availability issues. Both Sn and Cu are highly available Compatible with existing surface finishes.


  • Alpha's Vaculoy 99.3Sn/0.7Cu bar solder is suitable for the use in any wave soldering process. When converting from 63Sn/37Pb or other lead-bearing alloy, the solder pot should first be filled with pure tin. The pure tin pot should be pumped in the system for the several hours to ensure that all lead from the 63Sn/37Pb alloy is removed. This pure Sn should then be dumped and the pot can then be charged with the 99.3Sn/0.7Cu alloy.

Solder Wire 99C 99.3 Sn/0.7 Cu Alloy Lead Free Cored Solder Wire

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Product Brochure
Packaging Size500 grams/reel
Usagefor Soldering Electronics
Wire Gauge22 SWG
CompositionLead Free
Usage/ApplicationFor Soldering
Wire TypeWithout Lead

Minimum order quantity: 5 Kg

ALPHA Telecore Plus is a low residue core solder designed for no-clean soldering applications that must meet all appropriate Bellcore specifications. The unique blend of rosin and proprietary activators provide rapid wetting while leaving minimal, optically clear, completely inert residue. USES ALPHA Telecore Plus is suitable for use in any commercial no-clean hand soldering application that must meet Bellcore Specification TR-NWT-000078. ALPHA Telecore Plus' activator system is effective in soldering to mildly oxidized surfaces of the following metals: Cadmium (Plate) Solder (Plate) Copper Solder (Hot Dip) Gold Tin (Hot Dip) Silver Tin (Plate) RESIDUE REMOVAL ALPHA Telecore Plus residues can be safely left on the board per Bellcore Specification TR-NWT-000078. If required, residues can be readily removed using Alpha solvents, saponifiers or semi-aqueous cleaners. COMPANION LIQUID FLUX PRODUCT If you choose to use a companion liquid flux, NR205 is recommended in order to provide the optimal combination of high long-term reliability and low residue level. NR205 is available in Alpha's Write Flux flux pens for precise flux application. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Physical Properties Typical Values Softening Point 71°C (160°F) Rosin Grade WW per Fed. Spec. LLL-R-626 Water Extract Resistivity 40,000 ohm-cm, typical Corrosiveness Passes Copper Mirror; Passes IPC-TM-650 Copper Corrosion for Type L Halide Content Passes Silver Chromate Paper Test Surface Insulation Resistance Passes IPC-TM-650, Meets Bellcore Spec. TR-NWT-000078, Issue 3 Electromigration Passes visual and electrical Classification ROL0 J-STD-004 IPC-TM-650 ISO 12224 1.1.2 Shelf Life/ Storage Temperature 36 months / 10°C -43°C The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and is offered at no charge. No warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of this data. Liability is expressly disclaimed for any loss or injury arising out of the use of this information or the use of any materials designated. Rev.11.9.2010 AVAILABILITY Alloy Description Flux Loading Wire Diameter 63Sn/37Pb P1 or P2 (1.1% and 2.2% nominal) .010 to .125 (Spool Weight 1 and 5 Lbs) 60Sn/40Pb P1 or P2 (1.1% and 2.2% nominal) .010 to .125 (Spool Weight 1 and 5 Lbs) 96.5Sn/3.5Ag P2 or P3 (2.2% and 3.3% nominal) .010 to .125 (Spool Weight 1 and 5 Lbs) Vaculoy 96.5Sn/3.0Ag/0.5Cu (SAC305) P2 or P3 (2.2% and 3.3% nominal) .010 to .125 (Spool Weight 1 and 5 Lbs) 99.3Sn/0.7Cu P2 or P3 (2.2% and 3.3% nominal) .010 to .125 (Spool Weight 1 and 5 Lbs) Vaculoy SACX0307 P2 or P3 (2.2% and 3.3% nominal) .010 to .125 (Spool Weight 1 and 5 Lbs) Alpha Telecore Plus can be also be made available in other alloys on request HEALTH AND SAFETY Telecore Plus is not considered toxic; however, its use in typical soldering processes will generate a certain amount of decomposition and reaction product fumes. These fumes must be adequately exhausted for operator safety and comfort. Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet as the primary source of health and safety information. SHELF LIFE If >36 months from manufacture.
please submit sample to Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials for testing.

Lead Free Solder Wire SAC-305

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Gauge22 SWG
Usagefor Soldering Electronics
Wire Gauge22 SWG
Usage/ApplicationFor Soldering
CompositionLead Free
Packaging Size500 Grams/Reel
Wire TypeWithout Lead

Minimum order quantity: 5 Unit

ALPHA Ultrafine Cored WireFor Fine Pitch Component Soldering
ALPHA SAC305 Ultrafine Cored Wire is developed for fine pitch component attachment and manual rework by robotic soldering or manual soldering. It is available with different diameter size and flux content to fit different soldering requirements.

Key Attributes

  • Alloy provided in cored wire form for convenient use.
  • Available in different diameter sizes to fit different small footprint SMT components.
  • Available in different flux chemistries that offers excellent wetting and high reliability. 
  • Suitable for fine pitch component attachment and manual rework.
  • Cconsistent diameter size and flux continuity to ensure unfailing wire feeding in robotic soldering.
  • Good spooling quality for smooth wire feeding.

Product Availability

  • Alloy: SAC305 (other alloy type is available upon request)
  • Diameter size: 0.2mm, 0.15mm and 0.1mm
  • Flux content: 1.1%, 2.2%, 3.5%, 4.5% (upon request)
  • Packaging:
  • 0.2mm - 30g/spool
    0.15mm and 0.10mm  10g/spool

ALPHA SAC305 Ultrafine Cored Wire can be used for any customer who has previously approved larger diameter wire using:

  • ALPHA Telecore HF-850
  • ALPHA Telecore XL-825
  • ALPHA Telecore Plus

Solder Wire

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Gauge22 SWG, 18 SWG
Wire Gauge22 SWG
Packaging Size500 grams/reel
Weight500 GRAM
Wire TypeWith Lead, With Rosen Core Flux
ApplicationSoldering Pcb Board And Soldering High Grade Component

Minimum order quantity: 5 Kg

Technical bulletinalpha® telecore® plusno-clean, cored solder wiredescriptionalphatelecore plus is a low residue core solder designed for no-clean soldering applications thatmeet high sir reliability and excellent spread characteristics. The unique blend of rosin and proprietaryactivators provide rapid wetting while leaving minimal, optically clear, completely inert residue.
Features & benefits:Fast wetting → excellent for high throughputGood spread characteristics → excellent solder joints formation, clear non-tacky residue → no-clean residues. Useful for all applications,  provides good joint appearance → makes inspection easy.
Key features:-tandard alloy designation melting or solidus /liquidus temp °c flux amountproprietary sacx plus 0307 217 - 228 2.2% & 3.3%proprietary sacx plus 0807 217 - 226 2.2% & 3.3%j-std-006c sn96.5ag3.0cu0.5 (sac305) 217 - 221 2.2%, 3.3%j-std-006c sn96.5ag3.5 221 2.2%, 3.3%j-std-006c sn99.3cu0.7 227 2.2%, 3.3%j-std-006c sn63pb37 183 1.1%, 2.2%j-std-006c sn62pb36ag2 179 1.1%, 2.2%j-std-006c sn10pb88ag2 268 - 299 1.1%, 2.2%* telecore plus may also be available in other or special alloys and flux amounts on request.


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